An indisputable clearness
sign group carries out on both its own projects and the clientís projects any type of element, of any size and material, in the sector of signs, signals and street furniture.
all productive processes are guaranteed by uni en iso 9001:2000 certification and the final product in guaranteed by the ec mark.
at sign group the attention paid to the project and to production stages is always controlled both for small and large quantities.
this craft feature is combined with a high-level industrial process having large recourse to computerised technologies as well as innovative materials such as, for example, optical fibres used in a number of street furniture projects.
thanks to its seven production centres, sign group represents the natural interlocutor for those campanies that, in consideration of their widespread penetration of the whole national territory, have the need to carry out, manage and keep under control their sign system at all times.
the wealth of experience of each single member provides for the group a large number of specific skills.
among these skills there is the know-how related to the design and execution of those visual system that must be completely integrated in the context of protected historical centres.
in such cases, size, materials and chromatic solutions are required to comply with architectural and landscape regulations without penalising the required result